Angelena Fox-Francisco
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I have loved writing ever since I learned how to read in kindergarten... and as a high-schooler, it is my LIFE.

Hmm... info about me? Well, I love to listen to music, in fact I could not possibly live without it. I would go literally insane if I couldn't take my MP3 player to school. There is just way too much crap there for me to handle, so I take my music, a notebook, and a pen, and most likely a head full of thousands of ideas and just write down what comes to mind. Oh, and I love to read. I've read the entire Twilight series, I admit. But I'm not obsessed or anything, like all those screaming girls that freak out when they go to the theaters and dress like Alice and Bella and fantasize about Jacob and other shirtless werewolves. Ugh... not that I'm not friends with people like that. I have nothing bad to say about the people themselves, just their freaky lifestyle haha just kidding. I love Twilight blah blah but I'm not ruining my life to pretend it's real.

I have lots of reasons to be angry at life, but I try to stay happy. I'm definitely not what you would call depressed, but I have my moments. Sometimes I just have to grab my pillow, beat it against the wall, scream inside my mind, talk or even cry myself to sleep, stay up late so I can talk to friends, etc. All in all, I'm not that different from most teens. I don't have a boyfriend, don't really want one, I love school and I try my hardest to get straight A's (almost there), I have a little brother and sister that drive me crazy (but they also are family--I love them!!!), I go to church every Sunday, and I have had the dream that I would have my name on a book's cover since I was four years old, when I read a book for the first time. So yeah, it's been a ten-year dream. And it WILL come true.

Well, before I write an essay right here and now, I'll say ciao! Keep in touch, send me messages if you like, read my books, what can I say more? Hello, WOP!!!

List of books

The heat radiated from her body, shining through her skin, her eyes, her mouth, her fingers. It was red and bright and gorgeous. And deadly.
Never, ever, ignore a cry for help, even if sounds fake. Because it might be real. And then you'll be the one to blame.
The abuse just stopped. Jayne and I didn't know what to do. Without hurting, what else was there?
Lizzie's dad's on the Murder Squad. Her mom's dead and only she knows why. Now a girl from school is killed and she needs to open up. She hasn't spoken in such a long time. Can she break the silence?
When Tomorrow Fish goes into a coma, she enters a haven, where she stays in contact with the four killed at the school shooting on December 11, 2001... and Lily, the only one who knows the truth.
Can a single car accident seriously affect so many people at one time? Or is it just the fact that they all feel they're the one to blame for it happening?
Bellatrix Rooney has a tendency to be suicidal. Her teachers don't know why, her peers don't care. And then she meets Thorn...