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I'm back, Worthy of Publishing! Some of you may remember me from Turning Pages or Drifting Away, and I have finally decided to delete them, and re-write them all over again. So please don't think I'm stealing someone else's work.

Well, I'm Katie. Fifteen years old. I'm a simple girl, and I love simple things. I love reading, writing, sleeping, nature, photography, and playing my guitar. I'm extremely awkward. So if you message me, I apologize for my awkward turtleness. ._. Thanks for reading, guys! Hope you enjoy. Message me for questions, or criticism. Love you all. <3.

Shout out to Adorkable, my best friend. Love you so so much, my Joy!

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"Life is just like a book, Skylar. You never know what can happen until you turn the page and keep reading." Skylar's given up. Will Jake be able to lift her out of the hole she's buried herself into?