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Hi. i just read through this and i realized that i forgot to introduce my self. i am Genna (it is spelled with a 'G')

i have always wanted my name to be Luna,Chloe or Zoe. My reall name is realy unique ( it isn't Genna. thats just a name that my friends and parents call me.)

i like harry potter i hate twilight i am a peskaterian and i love to write i also like warriors. i love anne of green gabels too.

i have been writing for about three years and have almost completed my first book called "Losing Charlie." i dont have the best grammer so please give me some comments but dont be to mean.
i love to encourage people to continue with their writing. tell me to be honest and i will because i can't lie when it comes to a genius author. bye

♥LunaC.♥ ;-p

List of books

A forest long forgoten by everyone untill a young girl discovers it. What she doesn't know is that she will change the fate of the forest and all that lies inside.
i wrote these when i was sad,happy, or just bored. i did some of these in school too.