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I had a previous account, VioletHeart, on here as an author. I am back, but I may not post as often as I used to.

I have been writing for years... since I was five when I wrote my first story, and my writing has grown so much beyond that point, and I hope that it's good enough one day to be published.

Tell me what you think, and if you want any suggestions from me, let me know! I'm more than happy to help. I, however, am very busy, so I may not get to things right away. Just saying.

Good luck to all of you writers, and readers, I hope you find things on here to your liking!

You guys are all talented, no matter what, so don't let people get to you! You all have the will power, talent, and capability to be published. You just have to put that into your work. If any of you have questions, want me to read something, or just wanna talk, message me because I would normally go through ALL the comments in my stories and pick out which people asked me to read books and go read, but it's VERY time-consuming and I run on different hours (weird hours) on here, so please message me for those. I would also normally message EACH person a thank-you for reading my books, but I have had no time, which really sucks, but I will post it all in here so you all can see how much I really appreciate it.

Thank you SO much for everything you guys do for me on the site: reading, rating, commenting, adding to your favorites, talking about it, whatever it is you do, it's very sweet. I love that you all give critical feedback because it's very useful when I'm going to go and edit all of these. When I have enough books done where all I wanna do with my time is edit, the comments will come in handy! So thank you for everything! You guys are so supportive of my work, and you all are kind, caring, good people, and I appreciate you all. I love you guys! <3 XD

Now, I must part to go write!! Bye, everyone!

Rock on!

List of books

After getting into a horseriding accident, Annabel Williams spends the summer with her parents at the family country club. There, she meets someone who helps her follow her heart.
Young Adult
What's a vamp Protector to do when he's in love with his vamp Princess?
Trying to hold on, even if I'm feeling like letting go, never seemed so difficult...until he came back.
How could you do this to me?! I asked in complete and utter agony. I thought you loved me!
Young Adult
Can Annabel take dating a rockstar and dealing with all the problems behind it, or will a new face come to take Jack's place?
I was pressed down to the ground, unable to move when he pinned me down, binding me with chains. Before I slipped into unconsciousness, I heard the guard say, "You have been sentenced to die."
I don't want to think about the paparazzi, my parents, or anything else at that moment. I just want to think of "us", the girl I'm holding close. She's scared, so to tell her not to be, I kiss her.
Juliet used to feel the music flowing from her fingertips, but after losing sight, she tries to find her way on her own... until Dimitri finds his way into her life.
Izzy never reveals her true emotions until she's sent off to military school where she encounters Nikolay, the warden from hell... or so she thinks.
Young Adult
Masks conceal what people don't want found out, when they have a past, or they're protecting someone. What happens when it shatters?
Young Adult
Annabel Williams is involved in a horseback-riding incident one year ago that changes her relationship with her best friend. Will Annabel learn to trust not only Jack, but her heart, too?
Young Adult