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Country: Switzerland

Roland Schutzbach is a philosopher and foolosopher and has appeared on countless TV and radio programs in the Swiss, German, Spanish and South American press. He is the pioneer of the laughter movement in Switzerland.
Roland is author of the book “Lachend das Leben feiern” (Celebrate Life in Laughter), 2003, Bern, Switzerland, and wrote his doctoral thesis on “Living Communities”. His latest book in English: 
"The Age of Laughter" 2010.
Roland works very closely with his wife Christina, who is also a laughter teacher, an expert on Quantum Healing, and an author (Das Leela Prinzip, 2010). The two travel the world with their 
inspiring message of joy, self-love, and fun.  They are a divine and inspired couple indeed.

List of books

Roland summarizes his wisdom of laughter and reports about his journey to India in 2009/10. With lots of laughter, interviews and foolosophical surprises.