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Well, what can I say...
I'm Alex and well I love to write! I am a big fan of upside-down jellyfish, lime green and ketchup on potato chips (it's not as bad as it sounds...I promise).

I try to see the bright side in everything... every one calls me the optimist. And I have the grace of a prima ballerina! I'm totally kidding. A lot of times I will trip over a chair or my shoelace or...a pencil... But who hasn't?! EMBRACE YOUR INNER DORK!

I try to write as much as possible but it's mainly a part time hobby. School and family and sports are my life so usually I will sit at home and pop a squat on my bed and let words flow from my mind to my hands on the keyboard.
I really want to be a published author sometime in my life. I usually write on my own computer and I - to be honest - am afraid of way too much negative criticism, even though I know it will help. That is why I probably won't put anything up. (I did put myself as an author just in case....)

Anyways, if you really want someone to read your book , I will happily apply for the position. Seriously, I love to read.

My absolute FAVORITE books are (real life):
Halo by Alexandra Adornetto
Beautiful Creatures/Darkness/Chaos by
KamiGarcia and Margaret Stohl
The Darkest Powers Series by Kelley

I also want to say a big ol' 'Thanks' to angelkiss and christine<3. They were the first ones who requested me to read their books. :D Check 'em out!!!

Thanks for taking the time for reading my description...not much, I know.

'Don't take life so seriously...none of us get out ALIVE anyway.' ~I heard this from my friend Carter on FB LOL
'Tis true though^