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I'm Stephy! :D I LOVE YOU
I write for the fun of it. So if you don't like my writing then stop reading it. It's as simple as that, but I do love nice critisim! Just be happy;)
A couple things about me!
@ Junior in highschool!
@ Music Lover- Eminem, Skillet, Queen, Relient K, and a bunch more! I <3 music!
@ Book worm...My favorite series is the mortal instruments series! It's super duper amazing!! And I could read it over and over again, and it only takes me a couple days to read all 4 books:D I def recommend those books :P
@ Of course a writer :-D I love writing poems! It's addictinggg(:
@ And I love animals! I show cattle for fun! And I have a beagle, pigs, and chickens! Oink, Mooo, Bark, Cockadoodle! hehehehe...anyway I wanna be a vet, and go to purdue when I'm older!!
@ I really love writing poetry! I don't care if I'm good or not, it helps me think and get my problems on paper, and off my mind. :)
@I love smiling and laughing... It's addicting:D
And that's all! Haha, I'm also very crazy (the good kind of crazy, of course!) hahaha!
Well read my books if you like! Goodbyee!
Love always,
Stephy :D
♥.) .*)
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List of books

Originality is the key to success! :D But this some of my poems!! :)
Just a poem I wrote. I'm not sure if I like or not.