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Well my name is Sydney, and I love to write which is obviously why I have an account on here. I also love to read. I'm a grammar-nazi, so if I read your a story of yours I will most likely point out your flaws, but just remember that I'd like you to do the same for me. I live in a small town that you've probably never heard of. I'm still in high school, and I haven't quite decided what I want to do with my future. I have a lot of friends, and they're great. They don't know I have an account on here, or even that I like to write as much as I do. They are aware that I like to read though. I think that to be able to write a good story you kind of have to merge some of your own personal experiences into the story you're working on. I love animals, and music. I'm learning how to play the piano. It's a long process. I wish I could say that I'm an organized person, but I'm really not. I'm going to try harder to be though. I don't get to write as much as I want because I'm busy with sports, homework, and my social life, so I don't update my stories on a regular basis. Sorry about that. Anyway, enough about me, I would love for you to check out one of my stories and let me know what you think. I'm currently working on "An Organ in the Attic", and I am no longer writing "When All is Lost", but I may continue it someday I'm just not sure what I should do with it- but if you have any ideas of what direction I should take it in, feel free to tell me. Anyway, check out "An Organ in the Attic" or "Book Ratings". Thanks for stopping by.

Btw, I have twitter and I love it when I get new followers :)Since it won't let me put the web address in here just search me on twitter, type in "SydneyFaith" and I should be the only result. Thanks!!

Some books I recommend are:

Isabelle's Locket by Colleen Mitchell
Arizona Skies by Isabella Darcy
Resurrection by Lumpkin
When hope is all that is left by Amelle M.
Scarlet by Simply Lina
To love your enemy by angelkiss
I want you by Aspired Writer ♥
A Rockstars Love by Heather Vaughn
Unanticipated Love by Aspired Writer ♥
Play Ball by Sarah Adams

List of books

Claire, an average teenager living in a small town in Southern Ohio, is in for a surprise when the new guy Gabriel isn't exactly what she expects.
Mainly what this is, is just a book rating community. I'll rate books on my own(ones that I find and like), but you can also request that I rate one of your books or another authors book.
Val is a regular teenage girl living in New York, but is forced to move when her father is tragically killed in a car accident. But Val notices some strange things happening around her new home..