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My name is Ghetto Turtle and love to write. My name has its own meanig, and only two people on the site actually know it (my bff emopenguin and buddy antisocial wolf). I also go by Steve, Steve the Pirate, Steve-O, Steve Harvey, Steve Irwin... well, you get the picture.

I started writing short stories when I was 12 and write fanfiction for mostly twilight ( look up Panthershadow if you want to find me on fanfiction . net ). Hey , it's a start.

I also now have 3 full novels in the works: Midnight,Dark Blood and Repentance. I hope to get at least one of them published before I graduate in 2013. I have a few friends who recomended me to this site, some of which have boooks on here as well. My short stories are little pieces of writing that I have entered into a few competitions, some of which I have actually won.

I really hope you enjoy my stories, I put a lot of work into them to develope very clear and detailed plots. With school going on, I don't have as much time as I would like to write, but I will try to stay consistent. But please remeber I have a life outside of this computer.

So, if you like my writing or have any constructive critisism, then leave a comment or message me.

Thanks a bunch,

Steve the Pirate
Steve Irwin

List of books

My life was crumbling, so I ran. I ran to them. They took me in, not knowing what would happen. I should have never ranaway; this is all my fault.
Fan fiction
Be glad in your life if it is not like mine. But if you are like me, and you have heard this story, then please, do not read this, for it is painful to hear.
In the year 2035, America fell to a dictator. It has stayed that way, until now. It's the year 2335 and a prophecy has been made. The prophecy of 'Dark Blood'.
Each person on this earth has a story. Its unwritten, until the day we die. Follow the stories of tipical people, with not so typical endings.
Short Stories
Peta is A Quala Raknir. A Spirit Fighter. She was trained from birth to protect her tribe. But when two young ones from the tribe are taken, it's up to her find them.