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I myself hate long intros so I'll try and make this one short and sweet. My name is Yana, and I'm in grade nine at an amazing junior high, even though I'm one of the 5% who actually like it. I am horrified of going to high school! Besides that, I'm scared of about a billion other stupid things(clowns, ferris wheels, murky waters, thunder storms, bugs, the dark, heights, being in tall buildings, whats behind my shower curtain, and many others) I love to write stories, love to dance, love art, love photography, love sushi, love my friends and family, I party like theres no tomorrow, and I somehow manage to pass all of my tests without studying at all. I have 10 piercings, 8 of which I've done myself. I love my life and I totally could not live with out music. My ipod is my savior. Take it away from me, and you'll burn in hell. I also have a new obsession with the band City and Colour, Dallas Green is a god. I swear like a sailor, and I don't understand people who don't. I tend to have at least a few swear words in my stories, so I apologize if that upsets you in any way.
I love writing, but I could never become an author. I think its mostly because I wouldn't be able to have people I actually know read my ideas and thoughts. Does that mean I'm hiding behind my computer by only being able to post my stories on the internet? Maybe. Probably. I guess I'm sort of a big wimp, in case that wasn't obvious. Props to each and everyone one of you who have pursued your dreams of becoming an author, whether you used a pen name or not. You are inspirational.

List of books

Some people go to therapy because they are confused, and some go because they've had to live through some hard things. I go because I whitnessed the murder of my own boyfriend.
Cuts and bruises all heal over time, even scars eventually fade away. Itís the memories that can haunt us for the rest of our lives.
Tell her about the guys you know who run the streets at night. Tell her about how they'll do anything to get what they want. Tell her you're one of them.
This is a poem I wrote after coming out of a relationship.
Relationships come and go but it's always good to let them go in the most healthy way possible.
Making mistakes is the simple part, it's fixing them that is challenging. But what if you run out of time to right your wrongs? What if you are given up on?
Young Adult
Now that the war is finished, Natalie is one of the last people left on Earth. Every day is a fight for survival, but she is not about to give up.
A young soldier receives and award for saving a fellow soldier in combat. Despite this, he feels he is not worthy of the award due to his previous mistakes and regrets.