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Hey guys, my name is Jessie and I'm an Author. I don't say that lightly either, my book Forever On The Run? Yea, that's been published, still in the process of being published too, so not 100% yet. Avaliable online as a Kindle ebook thing. :) Also working on at least two others that I'm hoping will be good enough to be published.

I had always dreamed of being an Author, but never thought it would happen. When I found this site and saw some Publishing Companies use it to find some new Authors I was excited, but didn't think it would happen to me. A few years later and I got a message from DIP Publishing, based in Atlanta, Georgia, asking if they could publish Forever On The Run. Of course, I rushed to finish it, managed to do so, and yea.

Keep hold of your dreams guys, because as unrealistic as they may seem at times, anything is possible, always. :) I'm friendly, so if you ever wanna talk, send me a message! :)

List of books

My emotions bottled up inside are hidden no more, I'm opening up and I've finally unlocked the door.
Rebecca Wilton the most popular and sexy student at Cambridge High, that is, until Lucy Smiths turns up with her high heels and tight tops.
Young Adult
Running from the law, with many different names, and family members to take him in, but will his streak of three's turn into four, or five, or six?! Will his sanity ever return...