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I am a young writer and new to it as well. I know I have a lot of spelling issues, but it will improve. I hope.

I love fanasty books and Sci-Fi. I ADORE Centaurs and Greek Relics. Anything to do with Demons, Wolves, Horses (my hidden shame...) and basically anything romancy, I will read it. I'm not saying I will like your book, but I will read it.

My favorite books on Worthy Of Publishing are:

1- Souls Wings of Apocalypse Triology.
By Lollie

2- The Forgotten Princess
By Ashley Beth

3- Deadly Nightmares
By E. M. Warner

I have actually started writing a book! I would love for some critism or for somebody to even read it, and tell me what you think ^^; I know its not publishing worthy but I'm glad I have started it.