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I'm Jessica! Nearly 15 I can work soon and get money...

-My friends think I'm a human caculator. They think i'm so good at maths but i'm really only average.
-DorkyWriter<3 is one of my best friends in school. She is an awesome writer. Be sure to read her stuff.(She's a Human Dictionary. No Joke. If she starts explaining something, unless you are a human dictionary too, you cant understand some of the words she uses.)
-I love Taylor Swift! and other people too.
-Justin Bieber is a gay baby. But his songs are so catchy.(sorry)its what i think.
-I play the piano but i suck
-I been doing Chinese for 10 years.
-Emo and Gothic characters are so awesome. ( I'm not emo)
-I'm slow at getting jokes
-My mind has been corrupted by DorkyWriter. LOL, it was pretty corrupted before it got tampered with.
-I think people only trash coz they are jealous.
-I hate it when main characters die
-Love cliches. Did i spell that right? Who cares

I suck at writing but still enjoy it occasionally. I joined WOP to read, improve and yeah thats pretty much.

I'm really bad with spelling, grammar, punctuation. I think i just spelt a PUNCTUATION wrong. sigh ==" sorry. Please bear with it.

Twilight is so over rated! Harry Potter is sooo much better. Most people hate it for no reason. Wait there is some:
It's too long
I fell asleep after reading a page even though they didnt read anything.


Swearing+ putdowns on other people

Constructive critisim
Pointing out what i need to improve on
Suggestions and ideas
Whether i need more descripton or not
Correcting my punctuation+grammar

Thanks for clicking!!!

I Don't think that I can pretend to write anymore :( I just can't... all the stuff I write sounds weird and cheesy. I did enjoy the time but I think now... I'm wasting my time a bit. If you liked my work... I'm so so sorry