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Hi everyone!
I really appreciate all of your support and comments on my books. I love writing my books and reading all of yours.
Here is a list of all of my books just in case you're wondering what all of mine are.
Fortune-1st book in the Prodigy Series
Changes-2nd book in the Prodigy Series
Life-3rd book in the Prodigy Series
Choices-4th book in the Prodigy Series
King Caspian and Susan
A tale during the French Revolution
Faith & Trust-version 1
Faith & Trust-version 2
Characters, Questions, and Topics about the Prodigy Series
Now I haven't read all of the books on this site. But I have read quite a few.
These authors produce high quality work and give wonderful comments and replies back. I also put what they are best at next to their names.
Carpe_diem (Very high quality work- wonderful and helpful comments- gives great advice for what to add in next)
MidnightRain (Very high quality work- great person to talk to- gives great advice)
Esmeralda Willows (great writing)
Avabella Blessing (interesting writing- great friend to talk to)
Heather Nicole (simply a great author that obviously enjoys what she writes)
Carmie Rose (a wonderful author that puts a HUGE twist on a historical era with characters you can match up to actual people)
Here are books that I personally recommend you all to read.
Rosaline by Carpe_diem
A Rockstar's Love by Heather Nicole
Son of the Ripper by MidnightRain
The King's Mistress by Carmie Rose
Oh Baby! by Esmeralda Willows
Fighting for you by Heather Nicole
Love is a Lie by littlemisswriter123
Rise of trhe Moon Shine by Avabella Blessing
Avoiding Fate by E.M. Warner
Withering Roses by Carpe_diem
To Love Your Enemy by Angelkiss
I hope that everyone enjoys reading my books and those of others on this site.
Hope to read your comments soon.
Raelyn Elizabeth

List of books

He didn't want me. So I took matters into my own hands.
Everything Amber and Valerie have ever known is turned upside down when Amber is taken by Luke. And everything keeps having a twist...
If you've found this precious- this most precious thing, hold onto it with your dying breath if that's the situation.
Young Adult
An arranged marriage. Forced to love someone I don't until a miracle happens...
Young Adult
Ask any questions you have about my books; whether it's about the characters, plot lines, or why I wrote it that way. I also will give more details about the characters in this book.
Fate and destiny collide in a battle of good against evil...
I trusted him. He used me. Now where have I ended up?