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I am your not-so-average R18 writer.

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If you are a conservative, narrow-minded asshole, please leave. Of course, I am not saying all of you narrow-minded people are asshole(s), just the ones who comment because my books apparently, do not fit in with their belief systems.

I do not appreciate comments saying my books are shit with no constructive critisism, other than the fact it's vile and disgusting because... it's about SEX! :O It's like me saying I dislike a fantasy novel, JUST BECAUSE I do not believe in Fiction. Agree?

I am free to express my sexuality, be it through writing or whatever. It's not like I have fooled all of you and tricked all of you into reading my erotic book. I've made it damn clear that it's going to be about sex, and if you are against it, don't read my books.

Btw. Don't you just find it KIND OF ironic how, I don't know... all my bad comments seem to be coming from the later chapters?

Are all my conservative narrow-minded assholes sexually frustrated people secretly fantasizing over my story but yet trying to attribute your lack of sex life to your disdain despise for sex lives being displayed in the public?

If it disgusts you and repulses you so much, why do you keep reading further?

Just a thought. :)

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You know your life isn't going the right way when you want every hard cock you see.
"Love is but an excuse when one can't find more fuck buddies."