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I was born and raised in the Midwest USA of immigrant German, Scot, Welsh, and English stock, not unlike many English speaking folks around the world. We scraped by at times and worked hard at absorbing as much education as we could find. my latest, another Uncle Wilson story may just be the best I've written. Try them all!

I graduated college a long time ago and worked 30 years for a large industrial gases company (Linde, now called Praxair in the USA), being posted in various places in the midwest and east.

My wife and I raised two boys and she became a full Professor of Mathematics Education. When she retired, we moved to sunny Florida to be near two of our eventual three grandchildren.

I write because I want to make the times and places I lived more solid and lasting for my descendants. I wanted to express the fact that I have more than a local, view-with-blinders understanding of the world and of people, and that I comprehend the debt we owe both our forefathers and our descendants.
I write because I have experiences I want to share, stories I want told.

Four of my books are now available for every electronic form on Smashwords. I'm considering a final work, honoring the life of my great grandmother Schaaf, who began life as Susan Preston. Her mother died in a cold winter in Peoria co., Illinois in 1854 and her life thereafter transitioned into the twenties of the next century.

List of books

Twin Beeches is, essentially, a coming of age story about teenagers in Central Illinois during the last part of the twentieth century. A Touch of Rural Justice is the continuation of Twin Beeches
THE COMPLETE BOOK....A woodsman and a young mother/writer team up to fight a strip mining operation about to destroy their home, Twin Beeches.
Life goes on. As you grow out of your teenage years you have to mark moments and people with words that will, perhaps, endure. As you approach the end, looking back to the beginning -- good strategy!
Uncle Wilson shows me something Aunt Cora thought he got rid of, and asks me what to do with it.
'Wil' seemed to have a relationship with nature that went beyond the comprehensible. What gave him that power?
Martha Jo, working for Knowles, helps to finally pin down the murderer. Lots of twists and turns and characters from 'Justice' and 'Twin Beeches'