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Hi, my name is Anna. I'm 14 years old. My favorite authors: Jerry Spinelli, Gabrielle Zevin, Wendelin Van Draanen, Jay Asher, James Dashner, Wendy Mass, Louis Sacher, Lois Lowry, Suzanne Collins, and Markus Zusak.

About Me? I like soccer and running. I love books because it lets me live different characterís lives other than my own. But I despise writing poetry ever since my sixth grade teacher made us write a poem every single day of the school year. I donít like to be forced to write.

I would rather have 5 constructive comments (that could be harsh or not) rater than 50000 "this is awesome"or "this sucks" comments. Tell me specifically what is bothering you about my piece, and I'll try to fix it.

I usually enjoy reading more than writing, so sorry if it takes me a long time to write a chapter.

thanks :)

Whoops just found this site again 2 years later. :/ 12/3/13

List of books

I love starting stories, but I can never seem to finish them. This book will have different stories starters and what ever one seems to be most interesting or popular, I'll try to write more of.
Young Adult
Lizzy and Nate have been friends for years. But on one coldy day, Nate starts to act different.
Young Adult