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I love writing, always have, always will. I mainly write these stories for fun, but when I feel that a story is right, then I'll consider getting it published. If you want to ask me anything, feel free to send me a message!
I like good feedback, so if you have anything to say to me, about improving or whatsoever, go ahead. I'd like to hear your opinion!
I come on this website almost everyday, so I'll respond quickly :D
Be happy!

List of books

Reapers are such stalking jackasses.
It was a few millennia now, when the crack appeared in the face of the Earth. Nobody figured it made any sense, that two hunks of Earth broke off and became two islands in the sky.
The disease swept suddenly, and nobody knew what caused it. The death was painful, so the injection was meant to end it... Unfortunatly, it didn't. And very few people know what REALLY happened...
So why did Sapien lose his tongue in the first place? And why does it seem that Reapers are a male only race?