S.L. Tyrn
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Country: United States

Young, aspiring writer. I write darker stuff, and, before you ask, yes, I realize I use big words and try to incorporate the workings of the human mind into my pieces. If that is too much for your insufficient thought process then I suggest reading something lighter and more understandable.
My style has been compared to that of Poe's, although I am humble enough to admit I still have much to learn, and if one day in the distant future I parallel Poe, that would be a great accomplishment.
I am a Christian despite of the darkness I place in my work, and I enjoy reading thriller, suspense, and horror, because I find it hard to capture the aspect of sheer terror.
I say what I want pertaining to how much I like or dislike your work. Do not get whiny and annoyed when I say I do not like how you write. That's my opinion, albeit a more professional one. I am also a harsh rater, so if you receive a strong rate from me, you must be exceptional.
If you read and critique my work, I will gladly return the favor.

List of books

Evelyn Jennette, naive and young, finds a camera in the forest behind her house. The week preceding delves her into the recesses of her insanity.