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I'm not going to tell you much about myself, because I have learned that prejudices DO unconsciously color your opinion of a person's writing. Mostly, as you are probably able to figure out is that I am female, and I do like to read.

Much like Stephenie Meyer has stated, her stories kind of take a mind of their own, and the characters reveal themselves as somoeone else than I planned them to be. I have yet to write a story where this hasn't ocurred.

-Lea Reed
-Katherine DeFlour
-Perfectly Happy 13
-Jasmine Brooks
-Adrian D. Ireland
-Lynette Heureux

List of books

One day, everything stops. And the Barlow family is left to question everything their life is built upon. Love, religion, nature, and memories. And the promise of tomorrow.
Young Adult
Co-authored by Adrian D. Ireland. When two different girls share their stories unknowingly with each other, one gains respect for the other. But they don't even realize it.
Young Adult
An unsolved crisis is long over, but it plagues Alexis Larkin, who is the only one left to solve it.
Young Adult
Emerging from the forest behind him, Ty stood by my side, and together, we watched everyone's body tense as the two orbs in the sky edged closer. He squeezed my hand and whispered "The Crossmoons."
"And when did you ever care for me?!" I snapped, my anger building up at his stable expression. "Clara, I never stopped!" His voice was quiet and soft. I turned away and vowed to never look back.
As soon as his lips touched mine, a fire deep and hot burned, but I was swept away, from my own heaven, to what had now become my hell.
Young Adult
Claribel Willow hates the fact that she hears ghosts. So, when she recieves a mysterious boarding school scholarship, she decides to start anew. But irony has better ideas.
Young Adult