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Read Harmony and Honor Please!

I'm updating because I am officially 18! WOO! So something about me...hmm...I love to laugh and smile. I always think that if I don't at least laugh once then my whole entire day was wasted. We have to enjoy the little moments because it's those that really matter. Um...I am a huge soccer fan but I like playing it rather than watching it. I have a cat named Kitty (I know it's very original haha). My favorite books that I have read are Jane Eyre, Beatly, Winter's End, Fahrenheit 451, The Hunger Games (of course) and much MUCH more haha. I enjoy collecting seashells and books. I refuse to read electronic books (like kindle or nook) nothing is better than the smell from those fresh pages. I am a sucker for romantic/adventurous/fantasy kind of books. I am from El Salvador and English is my second language but I think I am pretty good at speaking it and writing it. But if you do find mistakes, please don't be afraid to correct me. I love music, more into the punk pop or alternative genre. My favorite band at the moment is Mayday Parade. I change my favorite color like ever year but for now it's yellow but I'm sort of leaning toward orange now haha. My favorite flower is a sunflower. I AM A HUGE SODA-HOLIC! I hate heels, make up, anything girly basically. (I personally enjoy jeans and a simple shirt than anything else.) I love to draw. I'm not amazing just decent haha. I want to become a child's play therapist. I live by the statement of what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger because I really hate it when people complain about their lives and making it their weakness. It's one of my biggest pet peeves. I enjoy being connected to my inner child because everyday should be a new adventure.
Ok when you read my stories please PLEASE give me real feedback. Don't just say "oh yeah it was really good now read mine." Tell me what you really thought. Be my biggest critic please! I really want the truth about my ideas. Thanks.
ok so Harmony is book 1 then Honor is book 2
Archangle is on hold because I am mostly focusing on Honor. So yeah thank you, if you even took time to read this haha (:

List of books

Once an angel, sent to witness God's love on Earth. An archangel didn't want her to leave but wasn't allowed to say a word. One mistake that God planned for him to make. Now demons prowl for her soul.