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Hello. If you're visiting this page you are a fan of mine. Thank you for loving me as much as I love myselfand my fans. Long adoring reviews are welcome. I don't mind the shorter review but I don't prefer them.

When reviewing my story:
1. Start with what you like. Specifics. Character dialog? Plot? Setting? Or my fluid poetic descriptions? Or how about my dynamic characters? There's something that speaks to everyone in my story.
2. Gush about what really bought you to tears. What made you cry. I know my scenes can get emotional. The point is to accept those emotions
3. Give me four to five stars. Let's be honest, my work is not mediocre. Five stars is more than suffice. Four stars if you are having a bad day

The Man behind the Book:
My real name is Markiss but i like to be called either by my pen name or just Mark.
I am planning to publish one day and write novels better than Harry Potter, Stephen King, Goosebumps, The Lord of the Rings, Twilight, and Shakespeare combined. i hope to get rich one day
I was born in Australia and have traveled all over. Currently I live in Sweden but in a month or so I am returning to my homeland.
I love to write and receive reviews. Make me happy by giving me reviews and I just may review you back.

List of books

Big foot marries a girl and only then does he realize that she stole his heart