Gabe Gideon
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Well I'm 17, and I've been writing pretty much all my life. I dropped out of school to get my GED and start working early, but ultimately I want to make a living through my writing, because that's what I love to do.

If you wanna learn a lot more about me, or ask some questions, or whatev, check out the About The Author bio I made and chat away. Thanks for lookin, hope you enjoy!

List of books

Jonathan and Emily share that rare kind of love that was destined to last forever. Then destiny gets tested when tragedy tears them apart, and they're forced to move on without each other.
Striker, the last human in existence, has to travel the universe, following his father's breadcrumbs in order to save what little remains of the ancient race of mankind.
Following the crimes of Justice, a criminal who hunts down sexual predators and uses his own form of punishment. The federal investigator hunting him down still can't tell if he's a villain or a hero.
With a lust for adventure boiling in his veins, young Davy sets out on a journey beyond myth and legend.
Titan, a young man with inhuman strength, and Tweek, a boy with an apt for technology, strive night and day to bring justice to their city, Archanine.
I've been writing since I could first pick up a pencil, and I don't think I could've ever stopped, even if I wanted to.