Alyvia Connors
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Hello fellow writers!!! Im Alyvia, though I have many other names (treeoctopus, skittles, livi, sukitora are just a few). I have a great passion for writing-despite not being very good. I consider myself with an artist's mentality: e.i.: I won't do anything you tell me to do, don't follow the rules of school, am very disorganized, and hate deadlines. On a brighter note, I'm very creative, but practical, and friends tell me I'm the most caring person they've ever meet, (liars xD).
::Favorites/Hobbies:: ~ I'm a senior in high school,loves blue&purple, loves hairnation/80s, octopuses, Skillet, RED, & Flyleaf
~can speak English, French, Russian; a little German, Spanish, and I'm learning Arabic, (with helps)
~studies criminology, serial killers, paranormal subjects and photography,
~plays tennis and horseback rides (Western; barrel)
~I volunteer at the nursing home and for BARKVA (an animal shelter).

My luvies: Jeannette, ProHulaHooper, read4you, bunnyloco and Via_lavida <3

::Highly Recommended:: Jeannette, for she is a fantabulous writer and one of the best people on the planet. Read her stuffs. Read it NOW! :D
Spread the writing love~ Alyvia

List of books

The Mysterious Events of that Little Old House Brings Your Nightmares to Life...
Dedicated to all my beautiful Valentines<3
Non Fiction