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Hello to all my fellow authors; and readers! The name is Alanah, I'm from Elizabeth, New Jersey. I'm currently 17 years old and I'm a she lol.
Now about me, I would like to say that I'm very spontanious, I love music and books; they are the perfect combination together. I enjoy taking walks (smiles and thinks 'I know right') I like night time, sort of like a vampire, lol. (Seriously). I'm into lots of weird things. Anything that makes litlle to no sense, I'm all for it (Not kidding about that either, lol.) As you can see I'm very goofy and quite down to earth, I love having a good time. That is why I have not uploaded any books yet, but I will soon.

Favorite Reads on here.

1st and formost my first book I read on here was 'Divine Amity', absolutely amazing. Written by an author by the name of Breeze. She's a sweetheart.

My second favorite is, oh I don't have one, at least not yet. I'm workin on it.