Eric F. Morel
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Country: United States

I am a medical assistant student who is currently working on my first three novels. I have about twelve more plotted out, just have to sit down and write them. I also love to read and have a great collection of novels from Jim Butcher, Anne Rice, Dan Brown, and many others.

Profile: Eric F. Morel
Age: 29
Location: Reading, PA
Children: 1 son (two-years-old)
Occupation: Medical Assistant

Message me if you wanna know any other information.

List of books

Robert Freebird, a Navajo homicide detective in Hopewell, New Mexico, must embrace his cultural past to find a way to stop a supernatural killer.
Jason Rackham, a descendant of Calico Jack, a 18th century pirate, must solve a nearly three hundred year old family mystery to find the greatest buried treasure of all time.