Jade Slee
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Heya guys!

So, I guess you want to know a little about the twisted mind behind the creations you may or may not be reading, huh? Okay then, here goes:
- My name is Jade Charley Slee
- Born October 5 1995
- Love reading most kinds of books, will not touch anything too mushy though, and I'm a preferable fan of horror. Same goes for films.
- On Formspring (jcslee) so feel free to ask any question you want. Same for Twitter (jadieslee) too!
- Loves getting messages and reading other people's stuff! So please don't be afraid to drop a line anytime (wow, that sounds weird) if it's just to say hi, criticise me until you're blue in the face... waste of time though, I wouldn't be able to see the effort! Or even just to ask if I could read, comment and rate... I'd still get back to you ASAP!

So there we go. Hope you read some of my stuff, even if it's just one chapter - it's nice to know people make the effort!

Well, see ya for now!

Jade Slee =)