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My name's Asher .I love you reading these facts about me .(you can stop when they get boring, i won't be mad ;)
-i'm a girl i'm 17 and i'm about five feet nine.
-i love reading love stories can't handle sad ending at all,have me bawling for days (yeah i know pathetic lol)
-i'm what you could call jock and emo and preppy and anything in between depending on my mood really.
-I go to a private school and i've been going there since i'm 4 =)
-I'm the type of girl who would tell you she hates you one day and would be talking to you like you're my best friend the next day (yupp in summary i can't hold a grudge to save my life)
-My favourite type of music is country, pop,rock,and a little r&b, mostly country though.
-I'm going to be a therapist but for teens when i get older. Not adults, they're too complicated.
-I'm a Christian-Methodist/Pentecostal
That's all i could think of now soo if you have anything to ask me, just talk to me here!
Love you loads :) xxx