Sarah Beth
Member since Monday, 2 November 2009
Country: United States

I am a Sophomore at the U of MN here in Duluth with a major in English Lit. and a minor in Art History.
I have been writing for as long as I can remember and it's all I ever want to do with my life.
With a pen in my hand and blank piece of paper in front of me, I will always be okay.

List of books

Emerie and her twin brother Alex have had long lives and are almost to the point of being tired of living, but when life throws them a curve ball will they live through it?
Two best friends go on a vacation to a magical place where every thing they thought they knew will change.
Young Adult
Spending a summer in the Florida Keys, away from her parents sounded perfect.
Young Adult
All things change when you go back to a place that has remained the same. For these young adults they'll find that friendship, love,and surf aren't the only things that matter.
Young Adult
Alex looks like any other college freshman in Salem, but if you ask the locals who live there she's something totally different.
Rylee has been living on the islands for a few years now and has found her true home with her new friends and her new fiance. But when her best friend from the mainland comes to visit...
Young Adult