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Hello, my name is santhya,
Need a book with an honest review, message me.
I'm very nice.
A bit too truthful, but that's just me.
I love writing! That's obvious since I'm here.
My favorite pie is pecan pie mmm' mmm' good.
Poor grammar alert!
I'm working with different stories right now. They'll be out soon.
Ill check out any book, I promise just ask away!!
Have a wonderful strawberry day. (:
& Jesus Christ loves you!!!!

List of books

These last seconds I saw the monster in the sky it was ready to take away my soul and forever leave it in the abyss of Hell.
After a while the pain goes away, but thereís always a sense of pain in my heart, in my body, itís a pain of failure. I havenít fought for my freedom, for my thoughts or for my life.
His love for her was beyond any other person he has ever cared for. But she was missing something, that would be the death of her.