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Hey, I'm Zoey as you can see.
I love to write because I feel like I can make people happy and enjoy reading. I write fantasy and horror and a little romance and poetry. My favorite color is red, I am 15 years old and live in Texas, I speak vietnamese fluently and currently learning german, and I am addicted to shoes! :D I also would like to add one more thing. I'm in love with Vampire/Vampyre books!!! :P

Some of my music inspirators are:
Miley Cyrus
Alice In Videoland
Breathe Carolina
Linkin Park
Lady Gaga
The Ready Set

Some Authors I recommend are:

Sarah G.- the author of Falling away with you (She's fabulous!)

Love2Read- author of Blood, Sweat, and Tears (She's has amazing work.)

MignightRain- Author of A Forbidden Love (She's just awesome!)

Amelle M.- Author of One of the Guys (I personally love this story and will never forget it)

Melly Bob-Jesus- Author of Falling for the Fallen (I love this story 2!)

Danielle Kouri- Author of The Ties That Bind (Very well written and a addicting read)

Amber Rogers- Author of Slumber of Darkness (One word: WOW)

Blake Daniels- Author of Masquerade (One story that got me hooked from its first sentence)

Scarlet Blaze- Author of Just Your Average Everyday Super Hero (I'm in love with this story. This needs to get published straight after it's done! :D)

LettersToADeadMan- Author of Xeno (This story is just magnificent)

Script0ph0bic- Author of I Really Do Love My BFF (It's just so cute!)

C.C Phoenixx- Author of Enslaved and Blood Rush (I'm ADDICTED!)

and I'll be adding more soon! And I send the good luck to every writer out there that dreams of getting their books published.

List of books

One thing about darkened minds, is that we all have one thing in common. We are all hurt and angry.
Allora has been given many names from the peers in her school. "Badass, troublemaker, Loner." You name it. But when a mysterious Clay starts going to the school he starts up an interest with Allora.
Amberleigh has always had a magical gift. She can read people's thoughts. And with the death of her mother and twin sister; her father moves them all the way to the other side to the world to America.