Meriah Cooper
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I am a sixteen year old bookworm with blue hair. I love to write, but dont have as much time as I want to write. I am not to happy with my stories I wrote a few years back, so bear with me in finishing them. Im unique, Im different Im me. xD

List of books

Belle was 10 when her and her family moved to California. She just moved back to her hometown, Kelly Georgia, the place she used to be considered the 'geek', but she has changed over the years....
I hope you can enjoy and relate as you read these poems.
Belle tried to forget Devon, and move on, but wasn't prepared for what happened. But you know what they say, Expect the Unexpected.
Young Adult
Kale is the only hope for humanity, as Crimsons flood the people deserted towns, killing. Blood stains her hands as she fights to stay alive. Trust No one, will that rule change when she meets HIM?
Young Adult