Sera Cammison Cedibscke
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A fellow thesbian(theatre actor if you were wondering what that term meant) and striving author.
Luna Lovegood like...sometimes. I love Harry Potter to death and there's somethings that I don't really like about and I could go on and on but I won't. That's why I created My Hollywood Reality.
I am currently a senior in high school.
And Sera Cammison Cedibscke is an anagram of my name actually :)

List of books

Kristina has a troubled life that she fixes with being a rebel (of sorts) with her two best friends. She then begins to hear a voice, get's foreboding visions, and learns about faith.
The Gift of Lyzírai arises again as war lurks in the shadows. Itís up to Lyn, Theo, and Nico to gather together a United army of creatures and citizens of the ENDÖonly itís very dangerous. They also h