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I am a 16 year old American. (Please don't hold that against me. LOL XD)I am an active percussionist in my school's undefeated competeting drumline. I am an A- average student. Except that means that I become very busy from school work. I'll try hard to upload my books and chapters as much as I can. Please be patient with me.

I am completely independant and very disconnected. I like my me-alone-time and sleeping as much as I love wrting.

I love romances, comedies, action and adventure, nearly any kind of movie, song, or book that has a great plotline, convincing and dedicated actors, a measage, and is not just blood and guts.

I LOVE Jane Austen works, both on the screen and on the page. Remakes have to be really good in order for me to like them. For instance, Clueless is a remake of JA's Emma and is just barely good enough for me to stand watching it. Really, with JA you just can't mess with the original. BBC usually does a great job.

LOVE HARRY POTTER!!! I am in the process of reading the books for the first time, now that I know the movies by heart (sort of).

I LOVE TO WRITE and let my imagination run. I'm no athlete physically but my imagination can go on forever.

I don't really get out much. School, theatre, and band have been my life and I have time for little else. I am in a lot of English, Drama, Music, and Volenteering clubs but I don't get out much other than that.

My every day goal is to make people's day better. I can only do so much in passing in school hallways but you'd be surprised what a smile can do in dreaded and regretted high school.

That's about it for now.

You'll know me by the spilled ink.

Naida Fair