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****RECENT UPDATES- 5/29/13: Hey guys! I am really excited to announce that I am finally a published author! My novel "Faceless" can now be bought as a paperback through amazon and createspace (and the kindle version will be coming out in the next few days)! Search for Faceless: Two Worlds Collide by: A.S. Hamid.

To all my fans, thank you so much for bearing with me for all these years and for your continued support through both the good and bad times! This book is for you all. If you have any questions about the publishing process or anything else at all, please feel free to message me!

Also, for anyone living at or attending the University of Maryland- I will be going to the AAUW National Leadership Conference tomorrow and will be giving out signed copies of my book if you would like to stop by! :)*******
Hey guys!
It's been a long time since I re-visited this website and I look forward to re-reacquainting with as well as meeting the new members on this wonderful website! Although many of you probably know me as Carpe_diem or Ashley S., my real name is Aaisha Hamid and I first joined this website when I was about fourteen years old. I am currently nineteen years old and a Sophomore at the University of Louisville, where I am doing a B.S. in Psychology and completing my minors in Biology, Creative Writing, and Social Justice Studies.

Some of my earlier writing pieces on here include “Rosaline”, “Venomous Stare”, and “Unwanted”. Some of the ones I started a while back and am still updating include “The Shadow Dance” and “The Silver Cage”. And finally, some of my more current writing pieces include “Faceless” and “The Magistrate's Son”. Realize my writing style differs depending on what story you read, as I wrote some of the stories when I was fourteen and others more recently.

I am currently the upcoming author of “Faceless”, a social justice novel that focuses on the differing perspectives on an Afghani girl and an eighteen year old ROTC student named Ralph and which is set to come out on May 1, 2013. My literary advisor's name is Hilary Corna and she is a National Speaker, a great role model, and the published author of “One White Face”.

For questions or comments, you can contact me on here and I will get back to you within a day or two.
For all business inquiries however, please message me and I will send you my business email/contact information.

If you would like to read more about my literary advisor or to learn more about her novel or upcoming happenings, feel free to google her.

Also, feel free to follow me on either facebook or twitter to keep in touch!

Lastly, if there is any way I can help you personally or with any of your writing endeavors please feel free to contact me on here and I would love to be of any help that I can! This is honestly a really great website so definitely utilize all that it has to offer :)

Aaisha Hamid/

List of books

Anything is possible- when there is trust. But is it still possible when one is thrown into a world of deception and lies? Will Rosaline learn to trust Steven before it is too late..?
Young Adult
In order to end the war between two kingdoms, Emauny must marry the despicable Prince Luke and live a life stuck behind his castle walls. What happens when she rebels?
Rosaline and Prince Steven are put to the final test of wits as they fight to defeat the Queen in her own game. Its the final battle in the saga of life, love,betrayal, and death in the castle.
He was commanded to kill her, a dark haired girl with those piercing gray eyes; just another girl from the lowly village his father wanted executed- and yet destiny had something else planned...
She was perfect..maybe too perfect. She managed to ensnare him into her web, and now she waits gaurding a secret. Will he be able to thaw her cold heart and learn the secret- before it is too late...?
When two worlds collide and hatred and prejudice are intertwined- an ROTC soldier and an American bred Afghani woman must decide between gaining redemption and doing the right thing.
Young Adult
In a place where winter is everlasting&food is scarce-the strong survive&the weak are condemned to death.Named for the season of hope,Summer soon realizes her heart may be just as frozen as her world.
Nathan feels like he is entrapped in a dark abyss with no way out. What happens when the one person he's sworn to kill ends up being the one who makes him feel wanted...?
When it becomes a matter of her brother’s life, Ivory is willing to give up everything...Even become a song bird in a cage, nothing but entertainment for the Lords.