may may cullen
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i am a verry good writer,i love to write fantasy adventure as well as read it, I am also in need of good writing advise so i can become a better writer.

List of books

Adeline seems like a normal girl, but when she moves and becomes the new Moon Angel, she's dragged kicking and screaming into an ancient war.
Young Adult
Protecting unseen creatures and keeping them a secret has never been harder,espically when you go through the changes, thefire,auras,everything,and no one can know.
"Why do you allways wear that old thing?" a girl asked as she pushed me into the wall. "I love my coatt, i don't care what you say." i retorted. That's when it started.
"When he admits it," The boy said calmly, "Your heart will stop, same if anyone finds out,deal?" i glared at him, then Matt's bloody body. He held out his hand, "Well?"