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Hiya everyone =D

Thanks for clicking on my name.

I have read many books on here, and there are many talented writers on here, some I'd love to meet! :D

Hookai. Hmmm. A description of myself? Well normal girl who loves life and lives it to max =D
You never get a second chance. Thats the quote i live by :)
I am literally a MUSIC ADDICT!! and proud to be one :P
I like all kinds of music except death metal. ugh. it gives me headaches lolz.

I love reading books, thats for sure :)

Some of my favs on here:
- Kiss away my tears - angelkiss
- The Golden haired - meme
- Cold water - annmarieM
- Deadly nightmares - emwarner
- Skin deep - lizzy
- Fallen angels - Ss
- you would never know - meme

I write for fun or whenever i have free time =)

If you have any questions, just message me.


Amelle xx

List of books

When she's just about to give up, someone she never expected to fall for enters her crazy life.
Young Adult