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HI! I''m Ned Flow! Well... not really I''m actually Cavin. Emily Cavin. LOL! remind you of anyone? (Bond. James Bond.) Teehee! Any wayzzz If you flip Ned Flow backwards it becomes wolF deN Which I thought was really cool! LOL. I was in great wolf lodge and we were staying in the Wolf den suite across the hall was a mirror which read Ned Flow. I use it for like EVERY THING! I''m 13. My birthday is June 30. and I am a canadian eh!

my favourite things to do is read, write, and watch horror movies with My BFFFFFFFFFFLz Sage W. and Brianna C.(Bree Twee Best writer on this site!) and My Bff Rachel O.

I have another account I share on WOP with my cousin, we write together a lot and didn't want to put it on this one because it's half her stuff. If you want to read that, it's called Hello, My name is Lucie, by Sage and Emily. :)

I Love all books! I can''t get enough of reading and writing. My favourite books are The Summoning by Kelley Armstrong and the sequal, The Awakening By Kelley Armstrong, It''s a trilodgy but the third "The Rekoning" Isn''t out yet. Boohoo! I'm sure I'll love it to though! I am a Twihard! Definetly. I love Harry Potter too! and I''m Team Emmett all the way! :P

My Favourite movies are; Prom Night, Twilight, (Hopefully New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn) Hide and Seek, Coraline, Push, The Secret Life of Bees, (Basically Anything with Dekota Fanning. She''s Like the Best Actor Ever!) CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF MEAT BALLS! Best Kissing Scene EVER!

I love Faries! They''re cool! And even though I''m not really like a huge fan of "girly thing" Faries seem to be just really evil in my eyes. I''m a huge fan of Vampires (Not just because of Twilight.) I''ve truefully ALWAYS loved Vampires. My family is a Pirate family. And Zombies are pretty cool too.

Basically when it comes down to computers, I like Twitter, Facebook, Yahoo, Yahoo answers,(Which i go on when I''m bord.) Hotmail and M.S.N. :P

Music. Best thing EVER invented. My favourites are;
Cage the Elephant''s
Ain''t no rest for the wicked,
Skye Sweetnam''s;
Baby Doll Gone Wrong, I don''t really like you, I''m just a girl, Number One, Tangled ip in me, Hypocrite, Imaginary superstar, Heart of Glass, Sharada, Music is my boyfriend, Human.
Twilight Soundtrack''s Bella''s Lullaby
Muse''s Supermassive Black Hole,
Oasis''s Wonderwall
Peter Gabriel''s Biko, Book of Love, Solsbury Hill, Shock the monkey.
M.I.A''s Paper planes.
Blue October''s Calling you, Into the ocean, Clumsy card house.
Paramore''s Decode,
Blue Foundation''s Eye''s on Fire
The Black Ghost''s Full Moon. But those are only my favs. I Love a lot of other songs but I''m to lazy to write them ALL down.

I am a strong believer in the term "Bullys SUCK!" Okay... So it's not a real term... but I just made it up so now it is!

So that's me in a very large nutshell! Hope you enjoy my writing!

P.S My 11 year old sister just joined with her story Wizard runt. She is quite talented for her age please read it. For her sake. Her name is Avery
Lilith Thanks guys. I owe ya big! -__o

P.S They put up the first three chapters of "The Rekoning"!!!! Going insane! Want more!!!!

92% of the teen population would be dead if Abercrombie and Fitch said breathing wasn't cool, put this on your profile if you would be part of the 8% LAUGHING THEIR ASSES OFF!

Emmett Cullen is mine! Derek Souza? Also MINE! Seth Clearwater? Do you even have to ask? MINE! Oh yeah, you can have Edward Cullen. Have funn!

0__0 I love the fishy looking face! lol!

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Every Summer, Greyson Jones goes to live with her Dad, and his husband Ryan, in Emerald Lake, population, 21.
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