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Yes, YOU. Duhhh. -.0 peek-a-boo!

Anyway, Hi! :) My name's Michellex33, but you can just call me Michelle<3(all my friends do) Maybe you know me better as Angelkiss though. ;) Don't tell my secret! I'm trusting you with it. DUNDUNDUN.

Name: Michellex33
Age: Twelve!
Birthday: November 20
Grade: 8th :/
Hobbies: Talking, Shopping, Talking, Shopping, Talking, and....WRITING(:

This is the part where I try to convince you to read my stories. :D

Please read my stories :D I'm goooood huh? You just can't refuse. No, I'm joking, but in all seriousness, I LOVE critism. I'm not the kind of person who characterizes comments as 'rude', or 'mean', so don't be afraid to write what you want(: But I command you to put a rating with that(;

Writing is a passion of mine that I'm always trying to improve. <3

I think that with Angelkiss, I never continued my stories, so, I'm starting over as Michellex33 :)

Interesting huh? :P

Feel free to message me about anything from questions about my writing, questions about your writing, questions about a comment, a nice conversation, just random stuff, and everything in between! :D

Love to love you,

List of books

Romeo & Juliet. A story of love, selflessness, and sacrifice. But is it possible, just maybe, that they're still alive?
"Trust me," Mr. Drew murmured, his warm breath tickling my ear. His blue eyes dove into my soul, healing every hurt, every scar, that I've ever had. "I want to. I really do."