Lil Dave
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First things first.
I am a girl.
I chose an unfortunate pen-name, but I have quite a few books now, so I don't feel like changing. Ok. Now for the real part about me.
I like writing. I've always liked writing. My stories are mostly fantasy fiction--not the kind that are modernish, but the kind that are in a whole different world...
I'd really like to live in some of my stories. Oh well, as I can't, I'm choosing to give other people the chance to see the worlds and creatures/people that dance through my head from day to day. I will do my best not to disappoint the people who read my stories. I'm only thirteen, so don't expect the best quality writing to come out from my pen, or keyboard--whichever term you prefer. And that's pretty much all you have to know. Have fun! (I hope)...
Also, check out my collaboration book with Midnightdreamer, called Eyrwine. It is what I regard to be my best work, but that's because we're writing it together haha.

[note: Raedan's Heart is back up, with a few of my edited stuffs.]

List of books

A collection of poems, or stars, of rain, of love and death, and little anecdotes of my life.
A collection of poems and some songs ranging from seriousness to rampant silliness, written by thirteen-year-old me.
Reflections of all kinds: musings, mirrors, and memories. Poems by a young woman slowly growing up.
I imagine many images, and each have different colors and shades that give me very different feelings--this book is an attempt to record them.
Short Stories
Abby finds a ring and when she sleeps with it on, is given a magical dream in which she must complete a quest.
Raedan seems to have lost his heart...Physically. But he's still alive.