Haylee Xavier
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My name is Haylee, im 17 years old and aside from being a preschool teacher, i am an aspiring writer.

Dear Sherry was the short story that got me into writting. Although i wanted to finish it and had dreams of being published, i sort of lost my direction with it.

Since then i have started a story that i've been wanting to write for quite some time; Safe Haven.

Read, Rate, & Comment.. if you do, then i will gladly do the same in return

List of books

Can a young mother make it on her own? 19 year old Sherry, was a victim of rape, 2 years ago. Now her daughter is a reminder of what happened that awful night.
Young Adult
This is me saying goodbye to a relationship, and opening the door to a whole new world.
This is a short story starting with a paragraph from "Dear Sherry" only 500 words.
Short Stories
Married at eighteen, and widowed at twenty one. After the death of Levi, Grace needs to rebuild her life.
Young Adult