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Hello, hey hey hey LOL! I'm Breeze. Thank you for peeking at my info, even if something brought you here by accident *wink*. I'm a typical Jerz girl trying to make her dream come true as a writer. You know the drill. I dig deep I just want people to see what I find. I would like to say I love anything that can make me stop and think. I live for life's epiphanies... Try it, the best moments in life are when you realize what's important and why.

Anywho here's what I'm feeling at the moment if your interested in reading.

(Words move me if put together properly. I want my words to move you, which is why I love poetry. My heart thrives for the day's words, sending my mind soring like those beautiful black birds. These trips are what make my day. Teaching me things in a whole new way. Giving my soul more depth and understanding. Making my heart wiser and comanding of today's lessons, which bring less stress and prepare your mind for future expressions.)

:Words of inspiration for me:

(Be happy... Give your all... Strive...
Love... Smile/Laugh often... Don't just survive... Live...
Put your heart into everything you do. The end result will surprise others, even you.)

As you can see I play around with whatever simple thoughts come to my mind. LOL! I love poetry, though I'm still trying to sharpen my rhyming skills. The written world is my sanctuary, along with music and art, as well as people. I know, sounds a little awkward but a complete stranger can make your day as well as send you on a thought pattern you never traveled. So if anyone seems interested in just chatting away you know what to do. Who knows I just might get to you first. *Wink* XOxoXoXOxo LOL! I'm such a big kid. Thanks for taking the time out to read and welcomly intrude on my inner thoughts.

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Seeing the dead is a gift and also a curse. A gift for being reunited with past loved ones. A curse for being confronted by your enemies, the ones who want you dead. Rayne was born with that gift.