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My name is Megan. I am 18 and I just graduated from Chaska High School. I enjoy reading Mangas and most recently The Twilight Saga. When I''''m not reading or writing I''''m hanging out with friends, drawing, or watching a movie.
I am completely obsessed with Lil Wayne and Japan. I just can''''t help it. My favorite movie is Pirates of the Caribbean then Queen of the damned.
I can get along with any one so try not to base me off of the few details I have provided for you.
I Hope you enjoy my stories.
Thank you.

I think I am going to start a new story that I got an idea for about five years ago. Its about an Egyptian girl named Akasha who is the intended hire to her fathers kingdom. The problem is she has to find a king to become queen. She ends up finding a king but her father disaproves of him. Turns out her king is an ancient Pharoh awoken from his tomb. :D Thats my idea, if you want me to write the story msg me and I''ll get it going. :D Thank you!!

List of books

Mitsu Takahashi, a 16 year old Japanese girl got forced to move to America for her fathers new job. She finds it easy to leave Japan but she will soon regret that she ever did once she meets Vinson.
Maddison Kept her Family a secret from Rinata but made a huge mistake that she had no time to regret before everything went wrong, before everyone was damned to a vampiric death.
Young Adult
Adiyah is a 19 year old female gangster, feeling threatened by Yakuza to kill the one she loves brings her on a huge twist of new adventures.
She has never experienced love in her 24 years. Nor has she ever had a friend. She is very happy with her life only after she moves to Japan, away from her unloving mother!
Megan has a rough time going through high school without love. She knows love isn't the most important thing but she wants it to be.