Erin Arnett
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Country: United States

Hi! I'm Erin. I'm fourteen years of age, I love Degrassi, Eclare, and Munro Chambers, my future husband. I love to write, especially fan fiction here lately.

I love in the States, but plan on going to an acting School in Canada, most likely Toronto or Vancouver. Munro is pretty much all I think about, yes sir/ma'am, I am a fan-girl, and I'm proud of it:)

Birthday is January 23 and that day when I turn 15 I plan on getting a job to start saving because Canadian acting school isn't gonna pay for it'self.

My biggest dream is to be on Degrassi, meet Munro Chambers, and *sighs in hopelessness* DATE Munro Chambers...even though he's six years older lol =)

So anyway, read comment and rate my books, I'll do the same, and we can all be happy.

Later, I think Degrassi's on.

<3--Peace out--<3


List of books

Although Silver has a Silver Moon to prepare for(an event shes trained for all her life), she can't stop dreaming about Adrian...
Love Eclare, needing something to get by on until the next new episode of Degrassi? Then what are you waiting for? Read it <3
Fan fiction
They were meant to be together, and no one else could ever fill that void. It wasn't possible. It was Jude or no one...right?
If you like Degrassi, Clare, or Eli, then read this! Even if you don't, I still want your critique, because I want to imrpove me writing. Thanks!