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Country: United States

♥ My names Amber
♥ I知 seventeen years old as of January
♥ I love reading, writing, and music
♥ I知 inspired by music when I write
♥ My favorite genres are romance and fantasy <3
♥ I love funny and sarcastic people who just like to have fun
♥ I wear too many bracelets, and I知 obsessed with chapstick
♥ I知 an over thinker and over analyzer. I知 not jaded.
♥ I like when people appreciate me for who I am, not what they want me to be
♥ I always curl my hair
♥ I have blonde hair and blue eyes
♥ I love sundresses, summer, and the smell of honeysuckle.
♥ I知 not stuck up, at all. Down to earth would be a good description of me. I hate know it alls and preppy girls who walk around school thinking they池e better than everyone else. You know why? Cause one day they will wake up and have many more regrets than I will. I have my circle of friends and we are the happy-go-lucky average girls who don稚 believe in labels.
♥ My characters in my books are important to me :)
♥ I知 crushing on my best guy friend, and I知 too scared to tell him :(
♥ I get really into my bookshehe
♥ My favorite number is 8, I don稚 know why? Lol
♥ I love to draw hearts on everything, and I doodle on paperall the timebeware
♥ I have 2 sisters
♥ I live in a really small town that痴 probably not even on the map
♥ I love banana nut muffins, and reese痴 peanut butter cups

MY PLAYLIST(for when I write):
♥ Not Meant To Be- Theory of a Deadman
♥ Face Down- Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
♥ Frozen- Within Temptation
♥ Everything You Want- Boyce Avenue
♥ My Immortal- Evanescence
♥ Need- Hanna Pestle

~ I love when people critique my work, it helps me to become a better writer...because trust me my writing is far from perfect.

~ I would love for you to comment on my book and let me know what you think!