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Country: United Kingdom

A little about me:

Name: Annmarie, hence the username

Age: 17 now, I feel old

Country: England

Books I like: Harry Potter series, Alex rider series, The bell jar, Hunger games series, anything by Haruki Murakami, Life of Pi

Films I like: Titanic, Avatar, Harry Potter films of course, The hangover, The grudge

Music I like: Radiohead, The eels, death cab for cutie, Taylor Swift (because under all the teenage angst I'm a complete sap).

What I like to read: friendship stories with lots of angst and fluff. Stories with either a very interesting or messed up character. Stories that are just messed up in general. Stories that have good writing (not necessarily a plot) and occasionally very girly high school oh-woe-is-me-I-have-too-many-boys-who-are-totally-in-love-with-me-and-I-can't-chose-between-them type stories, because they amuse me. But mainly angst.

What I don't like: romance stories (I know I'm a hypocrite for writing one), strong fantasy, crime, anything mushy.

Projects: Cold water is availabe for sale on amazon for $2.99, sales are going well so far. Complete at 60,000 words. Imprint is complete at 55,000 words and is currently being sent off to some London agents. My two novels are like my children :)

Right, so there is me in a nutshell. Just in case you get the wrong idea, I am usually quite approachable. I'm a nice person, honest! If you have any questions or just wanna chat, feel free to message me :)

Anyway, onto my two books :) Hope you enjoy

List of books

Sean Lane discovers that the worst possible thing is not dying, but dying and having a psychotic spirit steal your body and impersonate you.
She's cynical and sarcastic. He's a moron. A cute moron, but still a moron. But they say opposites attract, right?
Young Adult
One night. One mistake. Two versions of the truth. In the aftermath of a tragedy, how far will Erin go to escape her guilt?