Eunice Attwood
Member since Wednesday, 22 July 2009
Country: New Zealand

I am a mother of three, and grandmother of five, living in New Zealand.
I have been writing poetry for about 35 years, and wrote my first book in the late 90''s.
I work professionally as a clairvoyant, with clients from all over the world.
My interest is now leaning more towards mysticism,and this is how my book, The Poetic Voice of Soul came to be.
I enjoy writing spiritual stories for both adults and children to enjoy.

List of books

A true story of a woman's terrifying psychic journey from childhood into adulthood, along with mental invasion, loneliness and overcoming of mental illness.
Thomas is an intellectually handicapped child, who dicovers he has come to earth to earn his angel wings. He travels to Heaven on a journey of great learning.
A sequel in which Thomas goes on another adventure, accompanied by an albino boy, and a dwarf girl. He discovers secrets about the earths history, and encounters some very amusing characters.
Mystical teachings to reveal your potential as a spiritual being, accompanied by inspired writings from the higher realms.
The Appleton and the Gautier' families, are neighbours living by the river in Arkansas. A mysterious light appears on the river, and only Etta-May can see the spirit of an old Indian woman.
Literary Fiction