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The names Scarlet Blaze! I'm fifteen years old, and I'm from the US. I know English and Spanish, but my spanish is so-so. I was born on December 26, so I'm a christmas baby! My favorite season is summer, but I do enjoy a snow fall. I've never seen palm trees, the ocean or mountains. I've never been on a plane before. I want to go to spain someday. I want to be a teacher, but life as an atcor/singer sounds really cool. Since I can do both, who knows where I might go? I've been writing since I was little, and it's one of my favorite passions. I draw anime, realistic and people. I write poetry, novels, song lyrics, and small stories. I love to take pictures, although I am not a very good photographer.I make pottery, figurines and such with clay. I love to paint, even though I suck really bad at it. As you can imagine, with my mind so stuck in the arts, that I suck at everything else. I like to run, but i'm not very fast. But I enjoy excersise. I fail massivly school. Well, I'm rambling. Byeee!

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