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Just wanted you guys to know that I wrote all of my stories when I was twelve, so I apologize for all of the spellings mistakes, choppy sentences, and childish characters. Literally, I can't even read one chapter of one of my books because they sound so ridiculous and immature.

If anyone is still wondering, I do still write, but not for this site. I appreciate all the comments you all have been leaving on my stories despite the fact that pretty much all of them are telling me that my plot/characters/grammar sucks.

List of books

Lexi and Jay have hated each other since kindergarten. Now there in the last year of high school and when terror strikes its a breathe taking love interest between them.
January has a new neighbor, Olivia. She assumes he's a player and breaks his heart. It all becomes confusing in the horrible events in Januarys life.
Fallon lives among 26 teenagers like herself. Each one of them has a special power that makes them different. Because of there unusual powers they were banished from the village. Now they must fight.
Cameron and her brother live by themselves. She pulls her weight with two jobs. One of the jobs includes seeing a cute boy she cant have because his brother called dibs on her. How far will she go?
Kaylee and her brothers are triplets. They have tons of friends and have normal teenage lives. But then Rush comes to school and he's the talk of the school and has captured all the girls hearts.
His warm embrace made me fold into his arms. "Don't ever leave me again." I cried. He gently stroked my hair and looked into my eyes. "Wouldn't think of it." he whispered. That's when he kissed me.