Kylie Welch
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Country: New Zealand

My name is Kylie Welch. I am a 34 year old Christian lady with a very powerful story to tell. I love to write and have written 9 books. One teaching about how to play the guitar, one book of Christian Poetry, and the other books relate to self esteem. If you would like to know more, read my story or email me. I am looking for a publisher who would be keen to publish all of my books professionally!!

List of books

You are fearfully and wonderfully made - as is the world around you... read on to find out some wonderful truth about who you are in Christ
As a Christian you have a very rich Heritige. Journey with me through this book - presenting ideas for how to live more effectively as a Christian - a Child of God
Note: I am looking for someone to illustrate this story. This parable will lead you from anger, frustration, jealousy to love, peace and kindness.
Short Stories
This book get's pretty scary from Chapter 5. Many people get deeply involved in situations that are beyond their control, like I did, and have no earthly way to get out of it read ahead.
Not long ago, I heard a keynote speaker at a conference talk about how she created a new framework for students. It was then I decided I would create a new framework for my life. Join me.
The woman at the well, eating fish on the beach with Jesus...
Kate was in love. She couldn't live without this man - but which one is it that she can't live without?